Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Time is right for Husky to move ahead with Asian spinoff: analysts

"At the time, John Lau said the Asian spinoff would have a completely separate board of directors and management team. A portion of it would be publicly traded, potentially on both Toronto and Shanghai stock markets.

It operates the nearly 3,000-square-kilometre Liwan deep water field in the South China Sea about 300 kilometres southeast of Hong Kong, which is estimated to contain between four to six trillion cubic feet of natural gas."

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Water Infrastructure Stocks

"Water could be the key to your retirement."

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Monday, September 28, 2009

PicksThatMove: "Picks that move" Alerts ...

"In a press release on September 28, Calgon Carbon Selected to Supply UV System to Treat Boston Drinking Water is an independent electronic publication that provides information on selected publicly traded companies. is not a registered investment advisor or broker-dealer. affiliates, officers, directors and employees may buy and sell additional shares in any company mentioned herein and may profit in the event those shares rise in value. Please do your own Due Diligence before investing in any of the stocks mentioned above. "

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pursuing a sea of opportunities

"FOR AS LONG as he could remember, Carlos C. Salinas has felt a connection to the sea. As a teenager, he had wanted to join the US Navy. He admits that his aspirations always had "something to do with water". Although he did not enlist, he would later build an enterprise that would become one of the Philippines’ largest crew management companies, helping make the country the seafarers’ capital of the world.

In the late 1970s, a presidential decree had been issued encouraging Filipinos to enter the shipping industry without heavy capital investment. Mr. Salinas saw the opportunity to set up PTC with a start-up capital of P370,000. "We started in February 1979, with 180 square meters in Legaspi Towers, six employees and 72 seafarers," Mr. Salinas narrates. At that time, the Philippines was not yet recognized as a big labor supplier for the maritime industry. With a solid partnership fostered with a Norwegian ship owner that leased the company three ships, PTC was able to take off. Between 1979 and 1983 its fleet grew to 32 ships. "

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Economic Recovery in Doubt

"Welcome to the Wealth Daily Weekend Edition — our insights from the week in investing and links to our most-read Wealth Daily and sister publication articles.

And just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. . ."

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Advent to buy Bulgarian water bottler Devin

" SOFIA, Sept 24 (Reuters) - Private equity fund Advent International has agreed to buy about 75 percent of Bulgaria's leading water bottler Devin DEVIN.BB, majority owned by Austria's Soravia Group, Devin said on Thursday."

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Green revolution puts Catch the Wind in spotlight

" Pitch and yaw are not words most of us use in everyday speech, but if you work with the wind, or invest in wind power, they're fascinatingly crucial concepts. Honestly.

Assuming the technology works, which seems likely, the economics are very attractive. Clearly, wind energy is a growing industry, although it has slowed a little. Wind energy is the cube of wind speed, meaning a small increase in speed (or a small improvement in the amount of wind speed a turbine harvests with more precise pitch and yaw) means a big increase in output. Early indications are that the Vindicator increases revenue by 10 per cent. It can also, the company says, cut operation and maintenance costs by 1 per cent. The Vindicator sells for $125,000, and it can be sold to a manufacturer or retrofitted on an existing turbine. As a percentage of the total, the Vindicator's cost is very small. The economics for the purchaser, if these numbers hold water, are pretty attractive. "

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What Should I Buy This Week? [New Releases For 9/22/09]

"The Hidden Cameras – Origin: Orphan There’s always been a lecherous sneer lurking just beneath she shiny surface of Joel Gibb’s Canadian pop provocateurs. The twinkling guitars, bubbling synths, and infectious melodies that are the The Hidden Cameras’ stock in trade are often a red herring for graphically sexual — usually homosexual, and sometimes unabashedly scatological — lyrics. It’s a given that the Cameras’ first batch of new tunes in three years contains the aforementioned irresistible tunes, but are those frothy tones baiting the hook of some gleefully salacious sentiments? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Richard Hawley – Truelove’s Gutter If Roy Orbison had Johnny Cash’s pipes but retained his own dramatic knack for heart-tugging pop romanticism, he might not have sounded entirely dissimilar to UK songsmith Richard Hawley, the former Pulp guitarist who has been turning out lush, late-night sonic letters from the bottom of a broken heart since 2001. His fifth, Truelove’s Gutter, promises to be his deepest dive into the dark night of the soul yet — he’s described it as being inspired by “particularly dark periods,” and two of its eight songs hover around the 10-minute mark. Come on  in, the water’s black!"

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Mantra Wraps up ENTECH 2009 with Strategic Relationships ...

"ENTECH is Korea's largest tradeshow focused on energy and environment. Endorsed by the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Ministry of Environment, this four-day event focuses on environment (air, water, waste treatment, air pollution), energy (renewable energy, power generation and electricity, energy efficiency, home/industrial energy, transportation energy) and climate (carbon abatement technologies) sectors. Two hundred and fifty companies will be featured over the course of the event, and over 34,000 people are expected to attend. To learn more, visit the ENTECH 2009 website:"

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Libya to scoop up Canadian oil company Verenex for $293.7M after ...

"NEW YORK — Canada-based oil producer Verenex Energy Inc. said it has agreed to be sold to the Libyan Investment Authority for about $314.1 million Canadian ($293.7 million) in cash, after a better deal with a Chinese firm fell through.

July 2nd, 2009 NEW DELHI - Engineering and construction major Punj Lloyd has bagged three contracts worth Rs.1,873.18 crore ($392 million) from the Housing and Infrastructure Board of Libya, the company said Thursday. As per the contract, the Indian company will build roads, networks for drinking water, sewage water and storm water and electrical and communication infrastructure in three towns in Libya, the company said in a regulatory statement. "

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gold polishes up its returns

"The above analysis makes two things clear. Historical returns support long-term investing in gold. But a shift in fundamentals may yet queer the pitch for gold prices. So is there a case still, for investing in gold? Yes, the one based on its qualities as a diversifier.

In contrast, gold prices witnessed only a brief correction; their prices fell by 30 per cent between March and October 2008 and had staged a substantial rebound by end of December 2008, even as other assets were still under water. "

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Advent Acquires Bulgaria's Top Water Bottler Devin - Report

"Global private equity fund Advent International has reportedly finalised an agreement to buy control of Bulgaria's leading water bottling company Devin. "

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Why Buy America?

" The issue is especially acute for Canadian investors as the currency risk always looms large. Already this past decade, the decline in the greenback has meant Canadians have lost 28.53% by investing loonies in U.S. stocks. That compares to an 108.23% gain for Canada’s main benchmark over the period and even better, a 138.90% return for every loonie invested in emerging markets.

“People want to believe and are increasingly dipping their toes in the water ,but they are not entirely comfortable to throw it all in.” If not through passive index funds or third party mutual funds directly invested in developing markets, investors are increasingly looking to multinational corporations, whose revenues are largely tied to foreign markets, in order to gain exposure to emerging markets. In recent days, companies like General Electric, Caterpillar and Alcoa have made significant gains and Citigroup in its report also highlighted several companies that fit the bill, including Hewlett-Packard, which has grown its share of computer sales in China from 6% to 11% in two years, and Suzuki Motors, which has a 50% market share in India already. "

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Water project could again make faucet water drinkable near Fallon

"After living in South Maine Mobile Home Park for seven years, Dee Moore won�t drink the water in her home.

The 250 people who live in South Maine, Deluxe and Toalis Mobile Home Parks each deal with the water problem in different ways. Some buy expensive reverse-osmosis filters while others stock up on bottled water. A few even drink it straight from the faucet without a filter. But they all know the danger of doing that, residents said."

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Government achieved modest but tangible results during its first ...

"The President expressed his great satisfaction over the fact that on the economic front, Pakistan has achieved a turn around, with improvement in macroeconomic indicators, leading to upgrades in outlook by the international credit rating agencies. The foreign exchange reserves are now around US$14bn to offset import of 5-6 months. The inflation is under check and has been brought down from 24 per cent to 11 per cent. Stock exchanges are buoyant. All these factors had given confidence to the international corporate citizenry of Pakistan for investment in the country.

He also assured that the acute problem of power shortage was being addressed, which should take no more than the end of December2009, through short-term and long-term measures. While the water shortage in the country was also being addressed, as massive allocations have been made in the water and power sector to overcome water shortage and to increase the productivity and achieve food self-sufficiency. "

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Sustainable Agriculture Investment Poised to Surge

"Earlier this year, investment guru Jim Rogers predicted that within the next decade farmers will be the ones driving Lamborghinis, while stock brokers will drive tractors or taxis. His contrarian proclamation has since fueled intense investor interest in the agriculture sector. But despite this growing interest, the majority of investors have yet to discover the sector's most promising niche: sustainable agriculture.

Today, farming uses 80 to 90% of all the water consumed in this country, along with millions of gallons of chemical pesticides, hormones and antibiotics. After food is grown, processors and retailers ship it across vast distances before it reaches consumers. The result is a tangled web of farms, runoff, oil dependency and highly-processed or unripe food laced with chemicals. Sustainable agriculture offers a healthier, more environmentally-friendly alternative."

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Equedia: Video Streams and Trading Data for Global Biotech Corp.

"After today's news that Global Biotech Corp. (OTCBB:GBIQ), a publicly traded company under the symbol GBIQ on the OTCBB, announced that Wykanta International Inc. (WII) is acquiring the exclusive Asian distribution rights for all of Global Biotech's product line including its leading product "AquaboostTM", an oxygenated water destined to become a leader in the fast growing oxygenated water consumer market, Equedia is offering free trading information and the ability for investors, business media, and corporations to post videos and stock market blogs regarding this company and their recent news.

Register at and begin adding your own videos, comments, and blogs for this stock plus visit the markets tab of the above-mentioned company by using the search function after you register to access additional coverage including analyst sentiments, blogs, opinions, comments, discussion forums, and video posts by other participants. "

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Stocks on the move: CTC Media, OfficeMax, Sealed Air, Zoran

"CTC Media Inc. (CTCM US) dropped the most in the Russell 1000 Index, slumping 7.2 percent to $15.80. The owner of Russia's fourth-biggest television network was cut to "neutral" from "buy" at Bank of America Corp., which said the stock has "limited upside" after a 39 percent rally in the three months before today.

Nalco Holding Co. (NLC US) gained 5.4 percent to $19.43 and jumped 5.5 percent earlier, the most intraday since May 4. The water treatment and energy services company partially owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. may rise as the company reduces costs, increases efficiency and expands in growth areas such as Russia, China and India, Barron's reported, citing Richard Burridge, chief executive officer of RMB Capital Management in Chicago. "

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"General Environmental Management Elects to Shift Focus to Water Treatment and Waste-to-Energy Markets

We are projecting revenue of approximately $322 million in fiscal 2011, net income of $81 million, and earnings per share of approximately $0.86 per share." About Longwei Petroleum Investment Holding Limited Longwei Petroleum Investment Holding Limited is one of the leading distributors/wholesalers of diesel, gasoline, kerosene and fuel oils in Taiyuan City, the capital of and largest city in Shanxi Province, P.R. China. Longwei Petroleum Investment Holding Limited purchases diesel, gasoline, fuel oil and kerosene from various suppliers. As an intermediary, the company seeks to earn profits by buying diesel, gasoline, fuel oil and kerosene at competitive prices and selling them to other wholesalers. In addition, Longwei also earns revenues by acting as a purchase agent where they charge an agency fee -- a fee which is charged to wholesalers who do not have a license to purchase directly from refineries. Further, the company owns a gas station located on its property where it generates additional profit and revenue. All of the company's operating facilities are located in Taiyuan City, China. "

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Wall Street's Buy List

"And yes, relative to the higher-profile stocks topping our water cooler list, Gerber does fetch a low multiple to sales. Its ratio of 0.3 is just a fraction of what the cooler kids attract -- investors are paying 3.8 times sales at Microsoft, 4.5 at Apple, and a whopping at 6.7 for Google. Now, considering that Gerber nets only a small fraction of a percent on its sales, you might think that's appropriate. I don't. To the contrary, I think Gerber offers investors a chance to nab a real cash machine at a discount."

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EDITOR'S TAKE: The mutant post-Lehman employment scene

" One year after the broker dealer model was proclaimed deceased and everyone thought banks would come to resemble Thames Water, the arch broker dealer has gone from strength to strength. "

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The agricultural sector in NZ's economic future

"When you think about it, the 1970s and 1980s were not halcyon days for agriculture, with Government throwing money at farmers by way of subsidy. The Lange Government delivered a dose of cold water realism that got our industry back on its own two feet.

The focus is upon leveraging value out of the Fonterra brand itself, similar to the ‘Intel inside’ flag on computers. This enables greater value to be driven from the goods we produce. Farmers also fully accept the need to invest back into Fonterra and that includes a greater commitment to R&D."

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Into the brave new world of making a difference

"As an avid consumer of news, I can say that I only buy hard copy newspapers nowadays out of habit.

The extent of the role of government, our water crisis, transport, communications, the environment, taxation, health, innovation, and the arts are matters of enormous importance to all Australians, yet the combative nature of our politics and our multi-tiered government structure sometimes works against best policy outcomes."

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Surviving Lehman: The financial industry crawls back from the abyss

"One year after Lehman: After all the carnage that followed the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers a year ago, it would be easy to discard long-treasured investment theories like the efficient markets hypothesis as so much hock and soda water. Clearly if markets were remotely efficient, stock prices would have factored in the possibility of a collapse of the kind that ensued from the U.S. investment bank's failure, right?"

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Local execs' take on the economy: the full answers

" We have a great new green product – permeable paving that actually lets more water permeate through it than your lawn. We hope that with all the new governmental regulations that product will soar. "

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Bankers, government were blind to the consequences of Lehman ...

"While everyone assembled at the New York Fed was aware that unbridled subprime-mortgage lending and the packaging of such loans into investment vehicles had pushed the financial system to the breaking point, what the bankers missed almost destroyed them — and possibly the rest of the global economy.

Like the fictitious substance ice-nine in Kurt Vonnegut's 1963 novel "Cat's Cradle," a seed of which set off a chain reaction that transformed all the world's water into ice, Lehman's failure froze credit markets, said Simon Johnson, a finance professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "

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